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Server Schedule 9.18.15

Post by Hulen Management on Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:24 pm

Adrian  11:50 AM11:30 AM 10.45AM 10:45 AM
Austins S/10:45 AM8:00 AM8:00 AM11:50 AM 11:50 AM 
Bailie3:00 PM2:00 PM2:15 PM2:40 PM  5:30 PM
Belen11:15 AM10:30 AM10:30 AM   5:10 PM
Beverly Minor6:30 PM6:30 PM6:10 PM    
Brandon Whitley 5:30 PM5:10 PM5:10 PM 4:50 PM 5:10 PM
Brian Voss 8:00 AM8:00 AM10:15 AM 10:45 AM10:45 AM
Brittany Davis4:50 PM4:30 PM3:45 PM 11:30 AM 4:50 PM
Brittany Moralez/ 5:10 PM11:50 AM4:50 PM 4:50 PM4:50 PM
Brittany Rodriguez4:50 PM2:40 PM2:40 PM  5:10 PM4:30 PM
Cayse Cannon6:45 PM      
Christian Villatero 5:30 PM5:10 PM5:30 PM6:10 PM  4:30 PM
Daniel Moncrief6:30 PM6:45 PM  6:10 PM  
Devon6:10 PM5:30 PM 5:10 PM5:10 PM 6:10 PM
DJ Judd5:10 PM5:10 PM5:10 PM 5:50 PM5:30 PM 
Edward5:10 PM  5:30 PM5:10 PM  
Gabriel King4:50 PM3:45 PM4:50 PM 4:50 PM  
Haley Gober 4:50 PM4:30 PM1:15 PM4:30 PM 4:50 PM 
Isaac 5:30 PM4:30 PM4:50 PM 4:50 PM 4:50 PM
Jalicia6:10 PM6:45 PM6:30 PM  6:30 PM 
Jared Cooper5:10 PM5:30 PM5:30 PM4:50 PM 4:30 PM 
Joyce12:45 PM11:40 AM11:30 AM 11:40 AM 11:50 AM
Larry Douglas2:00 PM 1:45 PM  11:30 AM12:45 PM
Lester Bell 4:30 PM6:10 PM 5:50 PM  
Nicholas Silletti6:45 PM3:00 PM4:30 PM4:50 PM 3:30 PM 
Patrick Cavazos6:45 PM6:30 PM6:10 PM  5:50 PM 
Rhonda5:50 PM5:50 PM5:30 PM6:10 PM 3:00 PM 
Sadie3:30 PM11:30 AM2:00 PM3:00 PM  2:00 PM
Samuel Batty5:50 PM4:30 PM4:50 PM 3:00 PM  
Shayne Brawner6:30 PM6:10 PM  6:30 PM  
Stacy10:15 AM8:00 AM 10:30 AM   
Taler Walker10:45 AM   10:15 AM10:00 AM10:00 AM
Tay5:30 PM4:50 PM11:40 AM10:45 AM  4:30 PM
Thomas Holmes6:10 PM6:10 PM6:10 PM    
Tye 5:30 PM5:30 PM5:50 PM  5:10 PM
Vanessa Austin5:50 PM5:10 PM5:10 PM 5:30 PM  
Zeke 5:10 PM4:50 PM2:40 PM  4:30 PM 

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